Nashville Lingual Braces

Transform Your Smile Behind the Scenes

At Braces by Dr. Ruth, we’re proud to offer lingual braces, an exciting development at the cutting edge of the field.

We’re committed to ensuring that you get the treatment that suits you best, and lingual braces have a lot to offer.

Smile Correction

Lingual braces stay hidden behind your teeth, offering a solution that keeps your orthodontic treatment in the background.

Dr. Ruth carefully applies the brackets and wire to the backs of your teeth, allowing for a treatment option that's both discreet and powerful.

This innovative approach helps us to straighten your teeth without the visibility of brackets and wires associated with traditional braces, so you can smile with confidence from start to finish.

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A Treatment Just as Unique as You Are

Your journey with lingual braces is tailored from start to finish. Dr. Ruth meticulously plans your treatment, ensuring a fit so perfect, you'll forget the braces are there.

We customize each set to your particular dental anatomy, providing a comfortable and effective solution to the straight, healthy smile you deserve.

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Comparing Lingual & Traditional Braces

Behind-the-Scenes Braces

Lingual braces offer a hidden treatment process, placed on the tongue side of your teeth, making your orthodontic work invisible to the outside world.

This strategic choice not only leaves you smiling with confidence from start to finish but also sometimes means a speedier treatment.

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Crafted to Your Contours

Dr. Ruth's lingual braces are designed for your comfort, following the natural shape of your teeth to reduce irritation and enhance your experience.

The customization process ensures that each bracket and wire is a perfect match for your dental structure, minimizing discomfort and adapting seamlessly to your lifestyle.

The Elegant Choice

If you prioritize style alongside effectiveness, lingual braces are the perfect choice, offering the same strength as traditional braces but with an invisible design.

They represent a perfect solution for our patients interested in maintaining a professional appearance or simply prefer not to showcase their orthodontic treatment.

Hidden Perks of Lingual Braces

Uncompromised Confidence

With lingual braces, your smile never has to hide. Dr. Ruth and the team ensure that your path to a perfect smile is as discreet as it is effective. This transformative solution allows you to smile freely, knowing that your orthodontic treatment is virtually invisible to those around you.


Excellence in Every Smile

Find the beautifully aligned smile you deserve with lingual braces. They’re designed to deliver outstanding results without the visibility of traditional braces.

Our approach combines advanced technology and personalized care to ensure each and every patient crosses the finish line with a happy, healthy smile in style.

Comfort & Discretion

You’ll love the convenience of an orthodontic treatment that fits seamlessly into your life. Lingual braces offer a perfect blend of comfort and invisibility that you just can’t get from traditional options.

This unique orthodontic option is specifically designed to meet the needs of our patients, providing an effective solution without the clunky look and feel of traditional braces.

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Are Lingual Braces Right
for Me?

Lingual braces are fantastic for anyone interested in the effectiveness of traditional braces with the added benefit of invisibility. That means they’re a perfect choice for professionals, adults, and anyone who wants to keep their smile uncovered.

Dr. Ruth always evaluates each patient's specific needs and goals, working together to see if lingual braces are the most suitable option for your orthodontic treatment. That means you never have to worry about being pushed into something you don’t want.

At our practice, we’re looking for partners, not numbers! You’ll always work in collaboration with Dr. Ruth to find the best option for you and your smile.

Start Your Smile With
Dr. Ruth

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With lingual braces, your journey to a perfect smile is bright and unbothered, from start to finish. Fill out this form or call today to get started!