Crafting Confident Smiles With a Personal Touch

At Braces by Dr. Ruth, we blend professional care with a personal touch to create a welcoming atmosphere for all. Our Nashville practice stands as a beacon of orthodontic excellence, where every patient is treated with the utmost care and respect.

Our vibrant, fun, and kid-friendly decor makes every visit an adventure, transforming routine appointments into exciting milestones on your journey to a perfect smile.

We serve Nashville and the surrounding area, including communities such as Brentwood.

Expert Training & Experience

Dr. Ruth's academic and professional journey sets her apart as a leader in the field of orthodontics. Her accolades from Meharry Medical College, coupled with her advanced orthodontic training at the University of Tennessee, speak to her expert care.

Dr. Ruth's commitment to excellence is further evidenced by her involvement in prestigious associations such as the American Association of Orthodontics and the Southern Association of Orthodontic, showcasing her dedication to the highest standards of care.

Because of her expertise in the field, she has been invited to serve as an expert speaker for leading dental events such as the Capital City Dental Society and the Pan-Tennessee Dental Society, highlighting her role as a thought leader in orthodontics.

Dr. Ruth's participates actively in continuing education, ensuring that Braces by Dr. Ruth remains at the cutting edge of orthodontic treatments and technologies. Her dedication to her craft not only enhances the quality of care provided but also ensures that patients receive the most modern and effective treatments available.

This relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation is a testament to her commitment to her patients' smiles and well-being.

Fun, Family-Friendly Environment

Our atmosphere helps patients of all ages feel immediately at ease. The office's standout colors and kid-themed decorations provide a fun and engaging environment, encouraging children to look forward to their visits.

Dr. Ruth and her team's friendly demeanor and personalized care reflect the practice's core values, creating a warm, family-oriented experience. This approach extends beyond the office, with Dr. Ruth's active membership in community organizations like the Music City Chapter of the Links, Inc., demonstrating her commitment to the well-being of the families she serves.

Each visit to Braces by Dr. Ruth is an opportunity for patients to experience orthodontics in a unique and joyful manner. The playful and colorful office design not only makes dental visits less intimidating for younger patients but also reinforces the practice's philosophy that creating a beautiful smile should be a fun and memorable adventure.

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Financing & Payment Plans Available

Understanding the financial aspect of orthodontic treatment is crucial, and we're here to guide you every step of the way. The cost of achieving your perfect smile can vary, influenced by factors such as the type of braces you choose and your individual treatment plan.

Dr. Ruth and our team are committed to providing you with clear, comprehensive cost information and a variety of payment options to ensure that financial considerations do not stand in the way of your smile goals.

With options for every budget, including the most common insurance plans, major credit cards, and CareCredit, we strive to make the best orthodontic care accessible. Our staff is ready to assist with insurance claims and paperwork, simplifying the process to keep your focus on the excitement of achieving your dream smile.

Let's explore together how we can make your orthodontic journey both successful and affordable.

State-of-the-Art Dental Equipment & Technology

Leveraging the latest advancements, Braces by Dr. Ruth offers treatments that are not only effective but exceptionally comfortable. We’ve equipped our office with cutting-edge technology, including digital scanners that make goopy impressions obsolete.

The comfort of our patients is a top priority, so we work hard to offer gentle, efficient orthodontic solutions. Dr. Ruth utilizes techniques that minimize discomfort and reduce treatment times, ensuring that your orthodontic experience is as smooth and pleasant as possible.

This patient-centric approach, combined with our state-of-the-art facilities, ensures that every patient receives the highest standard of care in a comfortable, stress-free environment.

Nashville's Top-Rated Orthodontist

Braces by Dr. Ruth is ideally situated to serve the Nashville community and its surroundings, making exceptional orthodontic care accessible to everyone. Our office stands out not just for its prime location but for its inviting, playful design that delights patients of all ages.

Our central location near downtown Nashville means that great orthodontic care is just a short drive from your home, school, or workplace.  The ease of access to our practice ensures that your orthodontic treatment fits seamlessly into your life, making the journey to a perfect smile as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

Start Your Treatment the Same Day

Jumpstart your journey to a beautiful smile with our same-day treatment option. At Braces by Dr. Ruth, we understand your eagerness to see results. That's why we offer the convenience of starting your orthodontic treatment on the very same day as your consultation. No waiting, no delays—just the first step toward your dream smile taken immediately.

This swift start means you're not just planning your new smile — you're actively moving towards it from day one. Our team is ready to make your orthodontic experience as seamless and efficient as possible, ensuring that your path to a perfect smile begins with momentum and excitement.