Treatment Highlight: What Are Brava Braces?

Making the decision to get orthodontic treatment is easy. After all, there’s nothing like a beautiful, happy smile to boost your confidence and oral health! When it comes to choosing the right treatment plan for your lifestyle, however, the decision can be a little more complex. With so many treatment plans to choose from, having a team like Braces by Dr. Ruth on your side is the best way to make the right choice, and we’re starting your research journey off by giving you an insider treatment highlight. So, what are Brava braces? Keep scrolling to find out! 

What Are Brava Braces?

Although traditional metal braces are usually the first treatment to come to mind, the 21st-century world of orthodontic technology offers a wide range of other options, including Brava by BRIUS. These braces fit behind your teeth, giving you a nearly invisible treatment alternative that makes straightening your smile more discreet and comfortable than ever before. 

Here’s how they work: Dr. Ruth attaches a small movable arm behind each individual tooth, which is then connected to an anchorage base at the back of your teeth. These arms move each tooth independently, which means all of your teeth get exactly the treatment they need, all at the same time, without waiting for the others to catch up.

Why We Love Brava by BRIUS

At Braces by Dr. Ruth, our team is always looking for the best solutions for our patients, and that includes hidden braces (lingual brace), like Brava by BRIUS. From the cutting-edge technology behind this appliance to the discreet nature of its appearance, there are many reasons why we offer Brava braces. 

They’re Practically Invisible 

They don’t call them hidden braces for no reason! Because Brava by BRIUS fits behind your teeth rather than on the front, your peers won’t notice that you’re going through treatment even when you talk or smile. This makes them an excellent choice for patients who are concerned about the look of traditional braces, like adults or teens. 

They’re a Faster Treatment Option

Unlike traditional braces that work to align all your teeth together to straighten your smile, Brava braces move each tooth independently, making it faster and easier to shift your teeth in line. They also work 24/7 to straighten your smile without the need for frequent adjustments like traditional braces. 

They’re More Comfortable

Without the bulky brackets that extend into your cheeks, Brava braces are usually much more comfortable than traditional braces. Additionally, Brava hidden braces apply gentle, consistent force throughout your treatment, so adjustment appointments tend to cause less pressure and discomfort than metal braces. 

They Require Fewer Office Visits

Brava by BRIUS is designed to move your teeth more efficiently and without the need for frequent adjustments, which means you won’t have to visit Dr. Ruth as often as you might with other treatment alternatives. That means you can spend less time in the dental chair and more time doing what really makes you smile. 

They’re More Efficient Overall

Because Brava’s unique design allows Dr. Ruth more control over each tooth’s movement, this treatment option tends to offer a higher level of precision than other alternatives. This can be particularly beneficial for complex orthodontic conditions, where individual teeth may need to be moved in specific directions that are difficult to achieve with traditional braces. 

Brava Braces

Brava Braces FAQs

Have questions about how this braces alternative can give you the smile you deserve? Dr. Ruth has you covered. And if you don’t see your question on the list, just call our team and we’ll be happy to help! 

Q: Do Brava braces work for patients of all ages? 

A: Yes, Brava braces are designed for both adolescents and adults, making them a versatile option for anyone looking to improve their smile discreetly.

Q: How long does treatment with Brava braces take?
A: Treatment time varies depending on the individual case but is generally much shorter than traditional methods. Studies have shown an average reduction in treatment time by about 70%.

Q: How often will I need to visit my orthodontist during treatment?

A: Brava braces require fewer orthodontic visits than other alternatives in general. After your initial fitting, check-ups are mainly for progress monitoring and not for adjustments, which are rare, so you can expect fewer appointments overall. 

Q: Can I maintain oral hygiene easily with Brava braces?

A: Yes, the unique design of Brava braces facilitates easier cleaning and flossing than traditional braces, promoting better oral hygiene during treatment.

Braces by Dr. Ruth: Come Smile with Us! 

All in all, your orthodontic treatment journey is unique to you. Brava braces are an excellent option for many patients looking for a straight smile, but the best way to find out which treatment is right for your goals is by visiting Dr. Ruth in Nashville for a consultation! We’ll see you soon!